Among Rescue Impostor Pull The Pin

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Between Rescue is a difficult puzzle (pull-the-pin) game in which you must collect all the treasures needed to help the hero escape the spies. You have to pull the pin to take on your enemies.

A game from the “Pull the Pin” puzzle series.

If the Hero commits a mistake or commits a mistake, he’s most likely to die. Your ability to think rationally, and to solve the logical issues that “Rescue”, will make you stand out. Pins divide the spacecraft into compartments. One compartment is filled with lava while the other has water. To refill the fire , you have to remove the pins from the game and then gather the jewels to help your hero.


It’s fun and easy to play.
There are numerous levels and puzzles that are challenging.
Learn how to remove the pin.
Your brain could save the hero
Enjoy your time and lead a your life to the fullest.

* This application is for entertainment purposes only. It does not claim any copyright. Innersloth owns all rights to the application Among Us.

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