io Gamers .ioFree For All provides a free IOGame. Welcome to the fast-paced and exciting world that is Among Arena. This is a game where you know the villains and what you can do to defeat them. In this world, only the strongest survive. You’ll have to be in a position to defeat other players around the globe by becoming larger and decimating their opponents. To increase your size, you’ll be required to move around the board to stay away from being eaten by the floating worms that swarm across the arena floor. But don’t worry, they’re mostly protein. allows you to play online multiplayer games featuring colorful characters. Collect wires for bigger and avoid bumping into larger players , and then search for smaller players!

Controls Move the mouse to steer Space or press the mouse button to increase


Players start out as little characters, and they get bigger by collecting wires. Avoid bigger players and aim to eliminate smaller players. Boosting can help you get out or close the gap however it shouldn’t be utilized if it results in players losing points. Boosting results in points being lost that are thrown towards the player who is doing the boosting. A collision with larger players could cause the smaller player to lose their position, or even be destroyed. A collision with a larger player who is more than 150 percent of the player’s height may cause the player to be killed.


You can personalize your character by picking from various colors and hats. You can pick a distinctive color for your body, and you can also choose a different color hat for your head.

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