io Gamers .ioArcade is the most insane racing game you’ll ever play! You’ll be joined by other players from all over the globe and plunge into a terrifying water slide. You must keep your feet on the track and not slip out.


There are two ways to operate the system. You can choose to use the Arrow keys along with A and D or drag your mouse left or right to steer.

How do I play?

Every game is unique and continuously evolving. You will need to be competent in navigating the constantly changing curves and jumpers. To easily defeat the group, you need to move in one direction and then jump off the track to land below. Although it is possible to control your character’s movement during flight however, it can be a challenge to get to the ground. Speed bumps temporarily slow down your speed, and sliding over boosters lets you accelerate your speed. Water fountains can be both dangerous and beneficial. You could be pushed in the air due to water fountains, which could be desirable in the right location.

Aquapark io is an online game that allows you to play and demonstrate your skills.

Video Walkthrough

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