Astro Race

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Astro Race is an io-themed racing game. It is possible that all this is happening now in space. Get your auto-thrusters on and start racing in space. This ultra-fast, futuristic MMO racing game lets you pilot a hypersonic spaceship and compete with other players to take the top spot.

You can utilize the boost function to get ahead of your competitors and stay ahead of the pack and accelerate to take home gold.

To speed up your pace and to recharge your energy, glide around the track’s edges. You can also hit other players to end their game. Be active and you’ll be a quick winner!

Join the top leagues to compete against the most enthusiastic players around the world!

Astro Race is the original drifting and racing IO video game!

Instructions and Controls for Desktop Games

  • Left/Right Arrows = Turn
  • Up Arrow = boost

Instructions and controls for use with mobile devices.

  • Tap to the left to turn left
  • Tap on the right side to make a to the right
  • Tap on the left side, and on the right side: increase the force.

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