Awesome Tanks 2

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Awesome Tanks 2 is an action tank game in which you fight other tanks in the 2D top-down arena. You can make use of your cannons to take out enemy tanks. It’s addictive!

How to Play

Obliterate tanks

To progress, you will have to begin the game with $0 and collect coins. You’ll be rewarded at end of each level with coins that you have collected to purchase weapon or performance upgrades.

Upgrade your arsenal

With upgrades to weapons, you can experience the thrill of destruction of tanks with laser beams and flamethrowers or cannons, rockets and other weapons.

Performance enhancements, specifically armor, can protect your tank from heavy fire. You can also use your speed of movement to avoid homing missiles.

You can traverse the levels

Each level is a bit more difficult, and provides greater rewards when you upgrade. To take on super-tanks and military forces that are increasing in numbers, you must purchase upgrades. You can alter the difficulty level if it becomes too difficult.

Be recognized

Awesome Tanks 2 features a fantastic stats menu that displays the number of kills you have made to your tank as well as total destruction. It’s easy to use. The Stats menu will show your achievements.

This game is just one of many.

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  • Fast-paced and addictive

  • Arena battles are designed tactically

  • Upgrades can help make your tank run better

  • Earn money as you move through the 15 levels

Release Date

July 2012


Alexander Gette developed Awesome Tanks 2. Mad Buffer made this version.


Web browser


  • Use WASD and Arrow keys to move

  • To shoot, press the left mouse button

  • Switch weapon by pressing certain keys

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