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Battle Of Karin is an iphone game that’s totally free. Welcome to Karin the frightful world. This is a multiplayer video game. It’s simple and fun with a lot of emphasis on precision, strategy, skill, and good strategy. It’s an attempt at re-skining a 40-year-old arcade game. It’s being recreated as an enjoyable shooter with multiple players. To defeat your enemies, you can use different weapons and special abilities. The enemies in this game aren’t just floating around in space without thinking or simply programmed to explode. The enemies in this game aren’t random players. They are real players who use the same vehicles and the same weapons. Only your skills will distinguish you from the rest. Get ready to play this game that is fun.

Be sure to aim your shots and think quickly to be the leader of the Karin asteroid group.


It’s a free for all battle. Each kill earns you one point. The player with the most points is awarded after three minutes. All points you earn are added to your general score. The overall top scorer receives 10 points in addition to the bonus.

It takes only 3 hits to destroy a vessel , and there are no repairs.


Use the Arrows to move and shoot in space. Special powers can be employed when they are available. To increase your speed, press X and then C to launch an illuminated beam.

Speed up is a way to quickly change direction and escape our enemies. Use the laser to blast out bullets and asteroids.

These special powers can only be recharged in 5 seconds , so be careful.


Users who log in can personalize their vessels. You can pick the color of your cockpit and hull and also the flame.

The ranks

Badges are awarded to best players in the general rankings. Every game will update your rank. If you’re a top player in any ranking you’ll be promoted. Your badge will be displayed during the game.

Only players who sign in can play.

Logging in

To authenticate, sign in with your discord account. Only your discord username will be visible to the game.

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