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Battlz Club is an io game about a special fighting club for special members. The members go head to head in close-quarters battle in an attempt to get as many souls possible. Gather more souls to advance in rank and title. The more skilled members will advance faster, as the greater your current ‘Soul Streak is, the more experience you accrue for every soul you collect.

How to Play

Battlz.Club is best played with the mouse, but in the event that you only have a trackpad we’ve got your back. Z/X or >/ The keys function as left/right clicks. (Placed so that you can use your right or left hand on the trackpad)

If they are hit by your attack, you can attempt to turn them into fireballs to save their souls. If they don’t die due to your attack it’s okay. Their damage meter will rise and they will fly higher the next time.

Energy orbs are scattered around the map. These can be used to refill your dash meter. While it’s not able to do as much damage as an attack, a dash can push them back a bit further than an attack. It can be used to finish off enemies or escape from the fireball that is closing in!

Go out and meet some people. How do you get to the top of Battlz Club’s elite member ranks?

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