io Gamers .ioFree For AllShooter is an online robot combat arena game, is now available on the internet. Choose three abilities to build your own bot. Then, enter the arena to fight other bots. To win the game make sure you are the last bot standing at the end.

How to Play

Select three abilities and assign them to the keys that you’d like to use. Then , click the “Play” button to start an online match. To win, you must use your skills to take down the bots within the area. If you play the game for too long the walls will close in, bringing everyone closer. You can choose to play the replay or begin another one after the game has ended.


You can move your bot by using the WASD keys or the arrow keys. To concentrate on the screen, use the mouse. Connect your skills to the three keys you select.


Log in to view your stats and increase your score. To classify players using the ELO scoring system is employed. You can increase your score by beating players who are more skilled than you.


Your strategy will be determined by your abilities. Certain abilities, like the force field, can be utilized to defend. Certain abilities are more risky such as projectiles. Certain abilities boost mobility, like the ability to transfer. Combining abilities can result in combinations such as EMP to destroy your opponent’s shield or health blasters. You can then teleport to be close to them, or even to escape. You’ll be amazed by the results!

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