Burnin Rubber 5 XS

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Burnin’ Rubber 5 XS combat racing video game. You can reach first place with any method you prefer. It’s up to you if you increase or destroy your opponents. As you progress through levels, you’ll discover many destructive vehicles and weapons that can unlock.

Burnin’ Rubber 5XS


You can take down your adversaries and be first. You can choose from a range of primary and secondary weapons in Burnin” Rubber 5. You can select from deadly bouncingmines, homing rockets, and railguns. These weapons can be used to cause chaos.

You will be racing around the track bulldozing your opponents, while collecting repairs, ammo and boosts. You shouldn’t be cautious as there are plenty of options for upgrades. You can blast your opponents with ferocity, and cause havoc.

Reward Programme

For every opponent you beat with your 4-wheeled killer car, you will receive $1,000. So find the best weapon and begin earning those cash bonuses.

Burnin” Rubber 5 XS has twelve racetracks. When you finish the previous level, each track will be unlocked. You can get new cars in exchange for your efforts. You become more involved in the game, and your cars become faster, while your opponents become more aggressive.


What should you do after you’ve completed all the races? Each track has four awards. These awards are awarded to you if you

  • Reach first place

  • Take down the bonus

  • Find the package that is a mystery

  • Complete a track in prestige time

These achievements can result in cash and vehicle rewards. These achievements can also be added to the game’s overall achievements that are accessible via the main menu. Completing all achievements will earn you a prize!

Similar Games

Racing with weapons is an effective combination. Driving games with an explosive twist will be a big hit. Motor Wars 2 and Kart Wars are two great examples. These games feature vehicular combat in large, multiplayer arenas.

Release Date

October 2020


XformGames has developed Burnin’ Ruber 5 XS and HD.


Web browser


  • Use the WASD keys and Arrow keys to drive your car

  • To start firing your weapon, press Z, X, or the left and right mouse buttons

  • To drift hold Shift

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