Clicker Heroes

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Are you a true hero? Clicker Heroes online makes it simple. Within reasonable boundaries.

Clicker Hero is a fast-paced video game. Mouse clicks kill monsters. They drop golden coins. They can also be upgraded to become heroes. Simple. However, there is an exception. There are a variety of levels. Cool, right? There are characters that have abilities, characters, and the possibility of a huge flower to throw at. Did I mention the Bumblebees? It’s so soft!

To be fair killing monsters can be very violent. You are tiny, angry flowers that is afloat next to the river. Mad homo sapiens may also be able to get to your location. All this is used to destroy plants. You have some money. After you’ve sifted through your corpse, he’ll hand you the money! This is incredibly cruel!

There are also spiders, skeletons, and zombies. There’s no thought of morality when you’re eight feet tall and trapped in a web made of eyes red. A troll, for instance could be taller than a country home and swing an oak like a club. You may also be able to escape an angry horde of orcs which spit more than wind. Clicker Heroes lets you kill any beast at absolutely no cost, even if you don’t have any coins.

Mankind is famous for inventing things that do not exist. This goes back to the caves that was before there was any greener grass. Human life is fragile and precious. There is nothing that can happen if a person is scared of an actual risk. If there’s an unnamed monster and the man does not fear it, the man won’t even eat dinner. Fear isn’t a bad thing. It can be an asset. It can teach us more than we could think of.

Clicker Hero is a fantastic and dangerous world that you can explore. A growing, unstoppable group of adventurers! You can defeat living and dead plants!

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