io Gamers .io lets you play in an arena that is multi-player. Your weapon is a sausage, pike or a wurst… whatever you like! It’s an excellent idea to keep it between your legs! =3

Be brutal when you poke your enemies!

To get more points, stop people who are in the back

You can rise to the top, boast about your accomplishments and show the world that you are amazing…

You can personalize your avatar. This is a reference to human skin. It’s a multi-cultural game! You can also change the hair’s color and style. hair however, it’s not what is important. ?!?)

A lag-free experience thanks to our innovative faster-than-light-speed (FTLS) technology! There’s no need to worry about the network, dude!

An open-minded game and anything else that’s not serious… Enjoy yourself 🙂


You can build your weapon by eating food. The bigger , the better!

Use your weapon to kill other players and then eat their food.

People with larger bananas shouldn’t be taken seriously. Protect your a… huh… your back.


Desktop Move the mouse cursor to move it, then click to go to the next screen.

Mobile: press with one hand to activate the virtual joystick, and then use the other hand to sleep.

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