Color Rope 2

io Gamers Puzzle Color Rope 2

Color Rope2 is an updated version of the puzzle game. To complete the game, you were required drag colored ropes to wrap them around pins. Then, you have to place them in the holes of the same color. The sequel features better graphics and controls than its predecessor. It also features more challenging levels. Can you pull all the ropes inside its hole without creating any intersections?

How do I Play?

It’s simple to play the game: simply drag each rope to its ends (indicated by the shape of a circle) and then place it into the hole that has a similar color. Sometimes, you may have multiple ropes that have different colors. You might have multiple ropes that have different colors. In this situation, you must drag each rope until it reaches its destination. Sometimes the holes are bent that it is necessary to wrap the ropes around poles to change the angle or to avoid obstacles.

The sequel is online and accessible on smartphones and computers. You can utilize the touch controls to drag the ropes across levels. You can move the rope by using your fingers or the left mouse button. Once you are done, release the trigger to let it go. Are you able to complete all the puzzles in Color Rope 2?

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