Curve Fever Pro

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Curve Fever Pro is an online multiplayer snake game that combines high-energy and powerful power. To win, you must win every round and utilize your custom-built ship to defeat your opponents online. Each level will give you new abilities as you advance through the ranks.

Online multiplayer chat, friends and chat, team/ffa, as well as custom game modes. Battle passes are weekly and daily challenges. Ranking and matchmaking. Over 30 powers. You can track your progress using XP. Custom skins.


Two power sources are required to power your ship. One source of power is needed to power the “up/wbutton, and a second source of power is needed for “down/s”. Utilize the “left” or “right” arrows as well as the “A” and “D keys to guide your ship. When you’re finished fighting, you’ll be placed in an encounter with other players with similar skill levels, and the battle will begin. You must remain away from the ship’s tracks to stay alive. Your skills can allow you to get points from your adversaries. You must score 250 points to win the match.

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