Cyber Racer Battles

io Gamers 2 PlayerRacing Cyber Racer Battles

Cyber Racer Battles takes you on an adventure. You’ll be able experience thrilling battles and races in the sky. Enjoy the amazing racing maps and career-focused financing options and relish some unforgettable moments. You can play the game in a group or on your own.

There are three game modes available in the game. These are Race, Missions, and Free Roam. Between these three modes, players can choose to play Race and Free Roam modes in single player or in a two-player game mode. If you win you’ll earn coins and you can buy new hovers with the coins. Race mode includes six maps. Each map’s reward will be a gradual increase. Each map in Mission will include twelve battle maps. Each map will be unique and more difficult than others.

You can buy additional Hovers for each Hover you purchase. These include the machine gun and laser guns as well as the homing missile. A weapon is essential if you are going to play mission games. You can buy a machinegun at the beginning of the game. You will also need weapons for hover battles and meteor missions in Free mode. Every hover in the game garage has its own speed and acceleration, handling, shield feature, and handling. If you are playing in race mode or mission mode, you’ll need new hovers. It is recommended to check your hovers in your garage.

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