DAUD.io – Blast everyone with your giant fleet!

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Daud.io 2D Shooter for Teams. Space game.

How do I play?

Your ships will move towards your mouse. Move your mouse over the screen to control them. To shoot, you can press space , then click the mouse. You can speed it up by pressing S However, be careful! This will cause you to lose half of your fleet.

You can earn more ships for each bullet that strikes other players.

Kill other players to earn points

Missile power ups allow you to shoot homing missiles use them wisely

Advanced Game:

The speed of a fleet is contingent on the number of ships in the fleet – smaller fleets are more efficient

The size of the vessel is also an important factor in bullet speed

Circular barriers deflect bullets and making them ideal for protecting

Red arena boundaries can slow your ship. Be cautious

Splitting is a great way to flank your adversaries

Pick your position carefully so as to keep your opponents in between other players

Homing missiles are shot down by normal bullets

For more damage, shoot your bullets with an arc or aim your bullets to cause greater damage in a tiny area.


Daud.io is a space-based game of combat that’s built around fleets, which puts players up against each other in an open arena. The combat system based on skill the game involves building a fleet by attacking enemies. Then, you use the individual bullets that determine the direction of your fleets to take out and defeat your opponents. Every player starts with a fleet of basic ships, controlled by your mouse. Your fleet will increase in strength through taking down enemy fleets and collecting power ups that let you to take on the toughest enemies. But size is not all that matters. Our unique combat system lets even the smallest of fleets to defeat the largest army.

Begin your journey in daud.io by focussing on smaller ships that fly around the arena. Make use of these to increase your fleet. Be aware that other players can profit from your fleet to take off their own. To get an edge over your opponents you can take advantage of the power-ups that are scattered across the map as your fleet expands. Each ship in your fleet is moving independently towards your mouse, and to be the best player, you will require different bullet spreads to both reduce their numbers by using larger shots, and finish the game using a concentrated burst.

If you have any questions or concerns If you have any comments or questions, please go to our discord server or subreddit. Links to both can be found on the screen that introduces our game.

We would like to express our gratitude to all our sponsors. We hope that you enjoyed the game and would like to recognize our sponsors. We hope you are able to enjoy this authentic electronic gaming experience if choose to play our game. We wish you a great day and a safe journey.

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