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DogFlight is an iogame which is completely free. Welcome to the wild world of aerial combat. You are a fighter pilot in your favorite aircraft. You’ll compete against real-life competitors from all over the world at each level. You’ll be competing against other players who are waiting to engage in aerial battles and dog fights to achieve their mission goals. This game differs from other games of aerial combat in that you won’t be able to fly the aircraft in the same way you’re familiar with. offers many interesting possibilities. You can control your plane using the mouse to pinpoint a location within the bounds. The plane then begins to arc-based using your identified location as the center. This is a challenging method to fly, stay clear of enemies’ fire, locate your enemies, and meet your goals. However, it’s in solving the problems that you’ll gain the most satisfaction from the game. You can increase the effectiveness and quality of the weapon systems of your ship and other aspects of it by winning and moving on. Play strategic dogfighting games to beat your opponents. It’s a multiplayer 2D shooter that has top-view and free-to-play. You can play the browser version to control the game by a single click. The mobile version is more fun. You can play as a solo player or in groups of up to five people. During play, you can learn the rules of the game.


If you have a high-end computer, open the options tab and choose high-detail background.

Browser Controls

Mouse left to turn, right to fire, right to. Left-clicking in any part of the screen will determine the radius and side rotation.

Mobile Controls

Tap to turn, then drag to begin. By tapping you can control both the side you want to turn to and the radius of the rotation. For planes that have turrets the direction of drag determines the angle at which to fire.


It is vital that troop transports and scouts can pass through enemy lines. It is also necessary to prevent troops or scouts of the enemy from entering your line.

Keep this in your mind

  • You can take your troop transport to the frontlines of enemy and earn 10.000 points

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