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To solve mysteries, you can watch the most watched online videos on Droll.io. You can explore the variety of hilarious and bizarre videos and try to determine what the end result is. You can then share your results with other users who are watching the same content.

The basic idea behind the game is that a group of people gather in an area to watch video. It could be a classic footage of a pet, traffic incident footage, or any other strange circumstance that is captured by a camera. This video will to explain the situation. There are four possible endings. You can choose the most likely option and then consider the other possibilities. If you have the right idea, you will be awarded coins that you can use to customize or activate bonuses like getting rid of two bad options in a round, or buying an extra life.

Droll can be used in any modern browser that Io gamers use. Take a look at some of the most entertaining online videos. Chat windows let you chat with other players and earn more coins to reach the top. Can you complete all the video-puzzles presented to you by this game?

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