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Exploder.io provides a free IOGame. This game is a masterpiece of Pixel-Art and invites you to join it. It’s an old-fashioned multiplayer game inspired by the iconic Bomberman. It is primarily focused upon PvP. A player must remain alive on the maze-like map as well as fight monsters and other players within them. On the map, you will find many power-ups you can obtain to boost your chances of winning! While the game is easy to comprehend and easy to master, it will require you to spend a lot of time learning the different strategies and tricks to maximize the chances of winning.

Gameplay Features

  • The atmosphere of the classic Bomberman game.
  • While the game is easy to learn, it is not difficult to master.
  • You can customize your character with an in-game store that you can buy virtual currency.
  • “Friends” game mode features an exclusive lobby complete with leaderboard and leaderboard.
  • You’ll earn experience points and virtual coins after each battle.
  • Small maps that are designed to provide a fast and intensive gaming experience.
  • A waiting room with monsters to practice on while waiting for another player to take on against.


The game is available on desktop and mobile browsers. You can choose between landscape or portrait mode for mobile devices, based upon the mode you prefer.

  • Computers Use WASD (or the arrow keys) to move, and press the space key to activate the bomb.
  • For mobile: Swipe and hold to move in any direction then tap the bomb icon to create the bomb.


  • The faster the monsters advance and the longer the battle will last before the bricks are destroyed, the more time it takes. It’s also more difficult to fight back when the next wave of monsters show up.
  • While killing other players is the best option, you can also join forces with other players and attempt to survive for as long time as you can. You’ll earn experience points and virtual currency for every monster you kill. These can be traded later in the shop to buy fancy skins.
  • Unexpected outcomes may be possible with an unexpected bonus! These could have negative effects like a slowing down or no bombs at all for a specific period. It’s worthwhile to gain an extra benefit with a question mark. The odds of obtaining positive effects are twice as high as those of a negative effect. Positive effects last longer than those with negative effects.
  • Speed-up boosts are one of the most useful bonuses however it can be difficult to control in the beginning. You can try to sprint over other players and hold the bomb key to block and eliminate them, but keep in mind that there isn’t a silver bullet.
  • If you are under the bonus of slow-down, it is best to focus on staying alive and then to place bombs strategically in areas to block other players.
  • The most exciting reward at the end of the game is the possibility to increase the range of your explosion. With just a few explosives , you could surprise your opponents and kill a plethora of monsters in one blast. This is why you must try to earn this bonus if you believe that the game will last until there are no bricks left on the map. The bonus bomb can be beneficial, but it could be difficult to control if you get the reward of an explosion.
  • Monsters are able to alter their movements at any moment.
  • You can compete with your friends and create a private lobby that you control in the “Play with Friends” mode.

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