Fishing and Lines

io Gamers ArcadePuzzle Fishing and Lines

Enjoy the game of Fishing and Lines. We decided to combine lines, balls and fishing in one game. This is what we found. You’re playing ball and enjoying fishing. Puzzle-based games that are logical allow players to understand the diversity of sea and river fish species.
There are 140 species of fish that you can catch depending on the colors of the balls, length of the line, and the number of lines. Based on the species of fish you catch you can earn a different amount of points (coins). The catch can be viewed in the cage of the fish. Three new colored balls will be added to the field if the line doesn’t appear after you have moved. You are able to choose which balls will be in or near the field. The game continues until the field is filled with balls or until the goal is completed.
For beginners and those who are looking for a simple fishing experience, fishing amateur is suggested. This method aims to score as many points as possible and get as many fish as possible.
Fishing Levels is an online gaming mode that has 150 levels and many tasks. The objective of this game mode is to finish all tasks and earn the maximum number of stars.
Fishing Pro is a new version of Color Lines. The lines shouldn’t exceed 5 balls in length.
Tournaments is a game mode in which you can participate in 5 tournaments and earn silver, bronze, or gold cups.

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