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You can turn into a huge ball of destruction, and consume the other players on The controls below will allow you to control your character. You can take on yourself or defend yourself by splitting your body in half. Can you match the giants who have been playing for a long time?

Many of the games on work in the same manner as other popular .io game: Move around by moving your mouse in the direction you want and consume energy blobs in order to grow. The larger players are able to eat smaller players by running over them.

Gota is a unique technique that lets you break your block down into smaller pieces. This, incidentally, gives an instant speed boost to keep it from being eaten. This same move can also be used to attack: If you spot another player with a smaller blob, you can cut the blob in two and throw one at them. You can use your mouse to control your blob and then press space to split it.

You’ll love classic .io games that provide powerful gameplay, but simple controls. If you’re not willing to wait, Geta io is one of our most popular titles for io gamers. Enjoy!

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