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GoTet is an arcade game that’s similar to Tetris but with an added twist: instead controlling the tetrominoes, you control and move your “play-field” (square) on the map. Both time and players are competing against each other. There are also spells can be cast to help you complete your square pattern or battle with other players. There are two main modes: classic or modern. The difference is in the spells you can choose to use. Game modes: ————————————————- Singleplayer Classic You play solo on the map. The goal of the game is complete the maximum level as fast as you can. ————————————————- Singleplayer Modern Similar to singleplayer classic but you have more spells at your disposal. ————————————————- Multiplayer 8 Players on a 256×256 map. As you progress through levels, you will gain points, but you will also become slower. There is a limit to the number of levels you can complete. The goal of the game is to remain for as long as you can (i.e. you must survive until the clock runs out or you’re killed by another player. There’s plenty of room for different strategies and you can play both defensive and offensive. The interactions with other players are more thrilling. ————————————————- How to play: 1) Start with an empty square. The clock will tell you how long to fill your square before being eliminated. 2.) You search the map for tiles. 3) Once you’ve found tiles, put them together. Once the square is completely filled, you’ve completed the step. As you progress, you gain points and grow larger. With these points, you’ll be able to cast spells. The spells bar lists the cost of spells. – The clock is reset certain tiles have a higher value (gold silver, bronze and gold). Surprise chests are also accessible after a level is completed. 4) You can drop your tiles at any point 5) You can also steal tiles from other players. You can also take tiles from other players, unless you are protected by shield spell. ————————————————- Controls: WASD, arrow keys, or hold down left-click and move mouse = move Space or left-click in the square = glue M or right-click = drop ————————————————- Spells: N = spin B = magnet V = shield F = fire C = shrink X = speed T = time ————————————————- Mobile Controls: On mobile, tap or hold and move in the desired direction. Tap the square to glue tiles. Use the left wheel to glue or release tiles. For other spells , you can use the right wheel. ————————————————- See the tutorial section for more information. While the game is in its infancy I believe that it has the potential of being a big hit. I would love to hear feedback from players. I have a lot of ideas for spells and things to try like invisibility, dynamite tiles tricks combinations, Teleports. Bonuses and puzzles and to enhance graphics and add sound. It will all be possible due to the help of players. If you’re willing to contribute, I will be grateful. The game’s backend runs on the very small AWS instance. Email [email protected] if you have any queries or need to report bugs.

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