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Play online with millions of players to create the largest hexagonal area possible in the most thrilling, paper-like action!

Hexa.io allows you to expand your lands and defend your territories from invaders with an online action multiplayer game. You may be interested in playing Paper.io, Hexar.io, or Six.io with other players. This game allows you to play exactly that and provides more action! To take away the other players’ territory you can use it. This game is fun for both friends and teams!

The game begins by creating a small territory (base), on paper.

As much land as possible and make sure that you don’t let other players invade your territory or kill you, protect your territory and figure out the best strategy to win!


Take in the space you can;

Color the empty hexagons as well as the hexagons of other players with your tail (string). To increase the size of your area return to the base.

Reduce the tails of others

To take out another player, you must be able to touch his tail (string.io).

Get together with your friends to be the best at the Hexar World.

Gather boosters in the field to increase speed

You must be the top invader to be eligible for a gold or silver award

If you can acquire an pirate’s cap, you can become a professional killer

Only Pros can wear an unbloody crown. (biggest area and highest 1 by killings)

Warning! This multiplayer action game can be extremely addictive and will need you to do a lot of work to keep up with the action.

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