Junon Imposter

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Junon Imposter is an game that is IO and free. It’s a multiplayer game in which you take on the role of crew members of the space station and have to locate the fake. You are a member of the crew and are given tasks to complete. The person who completes their task wins the game. You can also play the Imposter and use an explosive to take down or destabilize any other person. You can also use the Assassin’s knife to kill anyone hiding behind vents or sabotage lighting. Crew members should be on guard at all when they are and should report any body found. This will lead to an open discussion in which everyone is able to discuss the issue and decide to remove the imposter. Join now to play Like Among Us online.

Controls. wasd – To move E – interacquaint

Space or mouseclick – Use the item

Keys for numbers – Switch between items

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