io Gamers .io, a platformer battle royale-style video game is funny.

You can take on the jellybean’s role to be the winner of races in obstacles courses like Takehi’s Castle.

Multiplayer games typically have multiple rounds. The slowest players are eliminated in a slow manner. One player wins and is awarded the crown.

How to Play

To be eligible for next round, you must finish the race before other competitors.

Avoid obstacles Avoid traps, stay clear of obstacles, and make sure not to fall into the void.

Beat the chaos, beat your opponent, and be the first player to be victorious in the final round!


Keyboard Move your bean using the WASD keys or the Arrow keys. Jump by using Space or Right Click. Use the mouse to navigate.

Mobile Use the virtual joystick for movement. Swipe left to reveal. To go to the next screen, press the button.

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