io Gamers .ioTeamUpgrades is a dungeon-crawling and retro graphics game, is an ode to the Diablo series.


  • Left click to attack and move enemies
  • (Inventory). Right click to eat the potion
  • (Inventory). Right click to swap items
  • (Trade) (Trade) Right click on the item to purchase or sell

Play Mazmorra:

The Castle is where you begin the game. It’s a safe space to meet new friends and recharge your HP and even sell or buy items.

Find the exits to the next level by slogging through dungeons

To level up take on monsters and kill them to earn experience points and advance to the next level.

To acquire rare and enchanting equipment, search and open chests.

Gaming / HINTS

Begin the game by choosing the character’s skin and the primary attribute. The primary attribute determines how much damage your hero can cause.

Your primary damage attribute may be affected by the weapon you’re using.

  • Weapons with Strength Melee
  • Bows and crosses Affluence
  • Staffs: intelligence

Find the most useful items for your character and kill all bosses!

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