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Oceanar.io is an online game that is completely free for all. It’s a race to catch the biggest fish in the ocean. You start as a single fisherman and then you consume food to build an army of fish that will rule the ocean. It’s easyto play, but it’s addictive! You can either fight an army of your opponents or an individual jellyfish that has been killed.

What are you playing?

Like many other io games, you will find that you start out fragile and insignificant. To increase your chances of survival, you must eat the food that is floating around. To defend yourself, you’ll need to build a small army of fish. Avoid large numbers of fish, as greater numbers of fish will prevail in this game. You can begin by making small groups of soldier fish, and then battle the jellyfish to earn an awesome reward. To increase your score and display your power, form a large team.


The mouse can be used to control your fish. Right click lets you attack and left click permits you to combine smaller fish into larger ones. You must be aware when there are several fish following you, the attack button will be used to stop them.

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