PLAYSQUIDGAME.FUN is an iogame that is available for free. Wow Here’s a game that’s all about Squids, but without squids. Crazy? Yes, it is. These kinds of games are very common in casual gaming. It’s not a single game. It can be played in several mini-games to win. simple Multiplayer Squid Game-themed game. Certain games are based on skill, while others are dependent on luck. This game that is unique and 5-in-1 is unique. There are five game modes to pick from. Let’s look at the game modes.


It’s very easy. Only move when the Doll sings. You must stop moving the Doll prior to when it stops singing. Keep an eye on the timer. Make it to the finish line before the timer runs out.

Controls – Arrow Keys or WASD


Fun and thrilling game mode. After Cannon Strike, you must remain alive for at least 30 seconds. Cannons aim at the closest target and shoot. Just Dodge & Survive

Controls: Arrow Keys or WASD


This mode is Dice, which is the base mode. It includes three sub-modes.

1. SCORE CHASE: You are able to choose the score you want to achieve. It will take longer to complete if you decide to set the high Target score. You can accelerate the game by using the Settings Menu. Both you and your opponent will have equal odds. To win, roll the dice and then score the Target score.

2. TWO PLAYER MODE is similar to Score Chase Mode. You can play with a second player on one computer. You can change the name and skin of Player#2.

3. KNOCKOUT MODE – You’ll play against three other players. This is a no-cost game for every game. Each player is allowed to toss 10 times. Score More to Win

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