Poop Clicker

io Gamers Clicker Poop Clicker

Poop clicker is an experimental game in Iogamers. This experimental game requires you to collect as as much poop as you can and turn it into electricity. To ensure that the world is powered, you should start with a tiny amount of production of poop. As you progress, it is recommended to expand your production to produce more poop. This can be done by purchasing upgrades. These improvements include toilets, fram factory, earth, factory and cows, as well as upgrading your city.

In this game, there are certain achievements like the Poop millionaire, poop bank and poop universe. You can also run off poop, stinky riches, Poop World, Poop Lord and even clicking some poo.

How to Play Poop Clicker?

In Poop Clicker you can use your mouse as the game controls. This is similar to how the game controls. To start creating the poop, you have to click on the poop.

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