Pop It Master

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Pop It Master is an online puzzle game. Pop It Master is an online puzzle based upon the Pop It fidget toys.

The object of the game is to get the popits to stop moving. This will allow you to unlock fun and colorful toy. Make sure to remove all bubbles Don’t forget anything! You can unlock the Secret Mode by purchasing the whole collection of 80 fidget toys. Pop It Master offers a satisfying digital popping. Pop It Master provides realistic soothing sounds and emotions.

How do you do it?

Pop-up Tap and Left Mouse Click

About the creator:Rad Brothers created Pop It Master. This is their first game!

How can you participate in Pop It Fidget Games

Play with a friend or a person.

To determine who was the first with paper, rock, and scissors

Each player will pick one row and pop as many balloons as they like (in the same row). You can pop a balloon with your mouse or touchscreen.

The next player can choose any row with unpopped bubbles. They can then pop as many bubbles as they need.

The players will alternate until one player can make the last bubble. The winner is eliminated from the game. But don’t let that discourage you! Reverse the board and you can begin again. The winner is the player who has won three consecutive rounds.

Advanced versions of the game feature similar gameplay but players can pop bubbles only right next to each other with no bubbles popped in between. Pop as many bubbles in the fastest time possible. You can track your best time and challenge your friends to beat it! Pop It’s a fidgetboard that lets you unwind. Pop bubbles in any order you’d like. It should be as relaxing as it can be.

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