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PunG.io offers a completely free IOGame. If you are a fan of punching in your IOGames for free, then you are going to love pung.io. The game will require you to use your fists to combat. After each fight, you can earn experience points as well as other game currency to improve a variety of different stats. You can change these stats and alter them to create a character that fits your playing style. You can also purchase new characters using Gold. This allows players to create their own characters and make them stand out from the rest. Pung.io can be managed by other players around the world. It’s not just about testing your skills against NPCs but you’ll also be playing against real gamers. By splitting with other players, players will earn gold. There are no limits to your stats and levels.

Control keyboard to move and interact with various different arena elements. Mouse to point at the character.

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