io Gamers .io is a thrilling multiplayer battle game for robots. Play with 3D destruction and compete against other players from all over the world!

How to play

Note: Only playable on desktop platforms at the moment.


You are a robotic being and are part of one of four teams (marked with nickname colors). There are five capture points and four teams. Your goal is to help your team get the most points, and then defeat all its opponents.

You can kill enemies or capture points to earn XP. The XP you earn can be used to purchase useful upgrades.

Repairing damaged robots is feasible in small repair facilities located near the edges of map.


1. To move your robot, use the W, S, and H keys.

2. Make a point by using the mouse cursor.

3. Shoot left and right using left mouse buttons.

4. Sprint To sprint, press Space

5. Press Shift to turn on shield.

6. Press Bto open the menu of shops.

7. Press Esc to change sound/fullscreen/quality settings. Tips

Don’t forget about repairs

Do not forget to purchase upgrades

Don’t forget to use both guns

Explore the different weapons

– Shotgun is more efficient when shot close to an enemy.

– Grenades bounce off walls, which allows indirect killings.

The flamethrower is capable of igniting small fires and even lighting up robots. Be careful not to step into your own flames. Use it to slow down enemies.

It is possible to be harmed through your own explosions therefore be aware of rocket launchers and grenades.

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