Rooftop Snipers

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Rooftop Snipers, a frantic two-player sniper game is available. This action game that evokes anger is ideal for playing with friends with or to play against the computer. It’s the same style and gameplay to smash hits such as football Physics and wrestling. This is a great game to play with two players to play with!

Getaway shootout is a fantastic game for Rooftop Snipers enthusiasts. This game for two players is developed from the same developer as Rooftop Snipers.


Crazy music

Two-player mode

Many different costumes and settings


It was designed by Michael Eichler who has done Rooftop Snipers and Tube Jumpers as well as Getaway Shootouts and Ping Pong Chaos.

Release Date

January 2017


Jump to avoid being shot at. Press and hold the button to raise your weapon. Release to shoot. This game lets you shoot your opponent off the platform. The game is won by the player who is in the top five.

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