io Gamers Free For All is a competitive snake-inspired game. You play the part of the mythical creature that dwells in deep seas and fights for its life.

Take pleasure in aquatic creatures (fish plankton orbs) to grow longer and bigger.

The bigger your population the more dangerous to other sea dragons.

To gain new cards, you can complete quests that feature different sea dragon species.

The controls are easy to use:

  • Use your mouse cursor for direction.
  • Click or hold Left Mouse Button to sprint.

Sprinting can reduce your mass. It is crucial to do it correctly.

To be able to withstand the test of time, your body must be capable of stretching. If you weigh more than average, your chances of being trapped by other dragons are more likely. Be cautious however, as no matter how much weight or strength you possess you must avoid colliding with other players’ heads. Single impact means defeat.

Cards can be used to unlock new species or level up your current species. The higher the level of your favourite dragon, the larger body you get to start with.

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