Short Life 2

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GameTornado’s Short Life 2 is a bloody, brutal ragdoll-game. This is the sequel of the Short Live game. The game lets players control their character and navigate through the maze of deadly obstacles to avoid a painful, terrifying death.

How to Play

Through 20 levels, you can play as puppeteer. You need to be able to react quickly and remain alert for danger.

Deadly Obstacles

Short Life 2 offers many ways to end your life. You can die by hitting your face with grenades, spikes, or being smashed by a large fist. Every level has its own way to be destroyed.

This is not the objective of the game. Be careful with your ragdoll to avoid the most dangerous traps.

Reward Program

Your performance is what awards you stars. If you are injured, your score will be lower. To earn 3 stars, you must complete the task correctly.

You’ll also find tiny stars in the toughest to reach places on each level. These stars can be collected in order to unlock new characters.

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There is plenty of gore and dismemberment

There are many hurdles to overcome, and innovative ways to get through them.

Unlockable characters

Master 20 the most dangerous levels


Be wary to avoid unexpected surprises

To unlock more characters to unlock more characters, you must collect stars

The timing of jump and crouch should be precise

Release Date

April 2020


GameTornado has created Short Life 2.


Web browser


Move with the AD or left-right Arrow keys

Stand or jump by moving your arrow up

Down Arrow, or S to Crouch

R to begin

Click on the Space Bar to confirm (after the game is over).

Video Walkthrough

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