io Gamers .ioPopular is a Snake-game. You must grow your snake by consuming multi-colored spheres within a huge multiplayer arena. To avoid becoming snake food, you need to avoid other snakes and make other players hit you in the side.

How To Play Slither

Are you a lover of snakes? It would be great if you didn’t, because snakes aren’t an issue to you. However, it’s the players who control the snakes… They’ll attempt to capture you. take pleasure in this twist on the classic Snake genre with!

Like the classic game Snake which has been played playing on mobile phones and computers for decades, you end to eat small pieces of food. has a multiplayer element which completely alters the playing field.


Glowing spheres are your key to your livelihood. By eating them, you can increase the size of the snake and gain more energy, which will increase. You have a higher chance of getting rid of other snakes if the snake is larger than you.

Start small and don’t try to conquer the big guys until you are stronger. You can develop a strategy for eating and avoiding the large snakes until they grow large enough to eat smaller snakes.

Increase Your Speed Acceleration

It’s a significant feature, but the price is on your body. This method can be used in competition against snakes where you’ve got a perfect location close to the head of your opponent then make a sharp cut to remove it. Use support with care to make sure you are getting the best value for money.

Special Splines

In addition to the regular spheres that are commonly seen on maps There are two different spheres. When a snake dies they leave behind all their glowing pellets. The bigger the snake that dies, the more plentiful the harvest. These spheres can be found early and will aid in making your snake grow quickly.

Other specialized spheres can be seen floating in the arena. These floating spheres are difficult to find, so it’s worth trying to hunt them. However, they are much more valuable than the typical points around them which is why it might be worth it to follow them.

Catch Other Snakes

When you’ve reached the right size, you can go around smaller snakes, grasp them , and then tighten your grip like normal Snake would. Your body is able to catch many small snakes if it becomes too large.

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Decorate your worm using one of 12 different styles

Playing in a raw, competitive manner, with various play styles

No shortage of matches with millions of players from all over the world.

Your snake will come to life thanks to vibrant, neon graphics

Platforms is a web browser that is available for Android and iOS.

Improving was created by Steve Howse, a 32-year-old developer from Michigan. He previously developed Flappy 2048 extreme and Circle Push. His company is Lowtech Studios.

Release Date

March 2016,

How do I play? goto and select.

Select a nickname and click play.

Use the mouse or by pulling. is the biggest snake in the world?

enlarge the size of your spheres. Get custom spheres

Make use of power-ups to defeat your foes

To increase your size, circle the smaller snakes and eat them.

Video Walkthrough

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