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Splattle.io allows to paint the ground and enjoy as much control over the space as possible!

To make the ground with your color, you can fight other players. Killing other players could cause them to explode, which causes an extensive area of your color to be covered. Killing other players is a great method of quickly covering large areas of your color. It is recommended to stand a distance away from the person you wish to kill. This lets you continue painting the ground, and also hits the other player. Your shots will not be able to cover the same area in the event that you are too close to your opponent. This could result in less paint being used during the game.

Be careful! To recover your health after a combat, just paint the ground around you. You can recover by painting over the colors of other players, or a new ground. If you paint over ground that isn’t your preferred color, you’ll lose your health. It is best to move around so that you have plenty of ground to paint. If you stick to one spot , you could get involved in a dispute.

Can you paint the entire planet with your own colors?


  • You can aid in healing by painting a new floor or using different colors.
  • If your health is not great and you’re suffering from a health issue, it’s beneficial to target the opponent. This will allow you to gain some health before it’s too much too late.
  • Be aware of your score. If you aren’t getting the score you want You may be being painted over!
  • To gain ground and gain more points, you must move as far as you can.
  • If you decide to paint their colors you may be attacked by other players. Prepare yourself for a heated argument.
  • You can profit from other players by sneaking into their homes when they are sick.
  • The most experienced players are more adept than the majority of players. They are adept fighters, so be careful when you approach them.
  • The screen that displays the final results will display the total tiles that you’ve painted for each round, as well as your final score.
  • It’s an excellent method to keep your score up and to keep you on the leaderboard.
  • Inflicting harm on other players can cause them to explode in your color. This is a great method to quickly conquer vast areas.
  • You will be healed by the explosion that results from the killing of other players. You will experience a massive boost in your health after you return to the game with the title.


WA S D can be used to move around.

Left-click to point in the direction you prefer.

Mobile Controls:

Simply tap any location and drag in the direction you would like to go. The gun will instantly begin firing in the direction you’d like to go.

To shoot in this direction, utilize the touch while moving

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