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STARBOMBA is an action-packed battle royale bomberman, with up to 100 players (currently 10 are still in alpha) fighting to survive. Choose your favorite character and blast enemies until there’s only one!

Earth has been destroyed and all races in the galaxy are searching for an alternative home. This will lead to destruction across the universe. Be prepared!


Be the last man standing. Avoid traps, bombs, and be smart and experienced. There are dangers everywhere.

What do you do?

Move your hero, set up bombs and gather things to help you strengthen yourself and eliminate enemies. * Arrow keys to move

* Space to place an explosive

* Control over the use of items

You can alter the settings in settings The gear icon is located in the upper right-hand corner.

Be careful!

* Map will shrink at regular intervals

* There are many deadly traps


Beware of team fights in the beginning and try to pick some essential items that can make more powerful bombs.

With a few flames and bombs you can intimidate your opponents.

You can avoid enemy bombs by taking speed (lightning item).

The best option is the Teleporter (looks like the appearance of an image of a rainbow). It can take you to a random location on the map. This way, you’ll be able to stay clear of dangers!

Utilize the shrinking border as an instrument to push your enemies into dangerous situations. Keep an eye on the center.

Good luck, heroes!

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