Stickman Ghost Online

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Stickman A simple but extremely powerful game. It is a game where you only control to jump and attack. These controls aren’t easy to master but they will become more efficient in the end. Because time is scarce, your ninja will always move forward. To take out enemies, the player has to leap over obstacles. Simple, right? No! Each attempt will lead to another level with more difficult barriers and competitors. Every step is one step closer. If a player can make his attacks timed then he will be able to throw and reflect shurikens in front of him , making it easier.

Stickman Rusher online Beauty in the details

Running is not the only option. You can also gather white orbs in case your weapon isn’t sufficient. They are equivalent to money in this world. They can be used to buy powerful weapons! But, it won’t improve your ability to jump and double-jump. There will always be danger. Keving Gaming has plenty to keep it exciting.

Enjoy the thrill and speed of a ninja by playing stickman rusher now You can conquer everything along the way to glory. Take on the Aku.

Video Walkthrough

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