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Tactics Core is an online multiplayer MOBA shooter game with io that is modelled on Strike Tactics.

You can bring a variety powerful units to the battlefield. Your level can be upgraded and increased based on the number of kills you take. Futuristic hover tank and bombers as well as fighter planes are all available. Start with the base unit, such as the Javelin (artillery) or the Manta (air fighter). To unlock more advanced units, such as the Harpy or Gladiator, increase your kill number. To unlock super units such as the flying battleship and Ion Cannon, you need to get more kills!

Each team is given an endless supply. The supply ticker for the enemy group will decrease if you eliminate an enemy unit. The Command Center becomes vulnerable if the supply drops to 0. Allies are needed to eliminate the enemy Command Center before yours is destroyed!

Tactics Core was once called STBA.io. It refers to “Strike Tactics Battle Arena”. It is the official spinoff of the browser RTS Strike Tactics.

Tactics Core is an online multiplayer MOBA shooter game that makes use of Strike Tactics.

Tactics Core Controls

Most units use WASD movement. The Peregrine and bomber are hovering planes that move based on the position of the cursor. Some units, like the Gladiator, have guns that fire right-click but the majority of units have primary weapons which are left-click-fired. Nearly all units have at least one feature that can be hotkeyed using the numbers keys. Zoom using the mouse wheel.

Tactics Core Strategy

To boost your level, remain alive as long as possible. Once you’ve hit the required number of kills and you’re ready to switch to more powerful units. You can look at the bars on the top of the screen to assess the condition of your Command Center. If your team is running out of supplies You can return to your Command Center to replenish it.

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