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Taekwon2.io offers a free fantasy RPG. Welcome to the exciting new era of multiplayer action and exploration elements that are founded on martial arts. Tae Kwon 2 will teach you how players can grow rich and powerful by learning more abilities and defeating their opponents. It’s an top-down 2D questing system that allows you to complete different quests to earn experience, skills and gold. These aren’t easy tasks and you’ll be facing serious consequences if you don’t complete. You may lose items, gold and experience points but you will always have fun. Because TaeKwon2.io’s core is a fun game. Fun for all kinds of players.


WASD or Arrow KeyArrow Key or WASD unit movement.

Mousemovement Left Click – Use and purpose.

B– shop is open (works only in the DOJO area).

N Look up the upgrade menu for specific items

Z– interact (when prompted).

E Pick up items

G Drop selected items.

C Auto-use selected items until they are stopped (either through clicking or F).

H – open help menu.

1-6 (Numbers) – select item in hotbar. You can also click on the slot.

Other – drag items to or from the backpack to inventory to use.

How to Play:

This fantasy-themed, martial arts-themed game teaches you how to master Taekwondo! You can earn XP through training in DOJO and killing enemies. Before you can start your quest for gold, you must deposit your Gold at an ATM. Half of your Gold is lost when you don’t make a deposit at an ATM before you can begin your quest. Buy and upgrade weapons armor and potions in addition to other items within the SHOP/UPGRADE zone, to make yourself an authority to reckon with! The shop has a limited variety of items. Rare items can be obtained from common and rare quest chests. The more difficult the quest the more rewarding it is! Are you looking to fight? To fight other players go to the PVP ARENA. This is the only PVP zone. Taekwon2.io has nearly 20 items to collect including weapons, armor and potions. You can play this game AFK using the auto-use feature within the training area.

Additional Information

Weekly new quests and rewards. The artwork of Taekwon2.io is made by our game designer or is provided gratis by our parent company, platformmodd.io. modd.io

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