Vex 3

io Gamers Adventure Vex 3

Vex 3 is a difficult platformer that you’ll never forget. The game takes the core mechanics from the most well-known titles in the genre and blends them into a satisfying experience. It has simple visuals and simple controls. Vex 3 is basically platforming with steroids. Interested? Are you interested?

You control a stickman in this 2D world that is full of dangers traps, obstacles, traps and dangers. You must reach the end of each level quickly and avoid massive saw blades, stationary spikes and moving spikes. You can also use the environment to your advantage. You can utilize zip lines, jumping blocks or elevators to navigate the map and get around.

Vex 3 controls are a major aspect of what makes the game enjoyable. You feel totally in control of your character and can only take responsibility for what happens next.

It is highly recommended to switch to Vex3 fullscreen mode immediately after you begin playing. This is done by pressing F11 while still in the game tab. This will allow you to enjoy the most amazing game mechanics of platforming ever developed.

Video Walkthrough

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