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Wormax.io lets you manage huge worms that are fighting for their lives. You can compete against other players from all over the globe, consume energy, grow and eventually become the longest Wormax.io worm! One rule will ensure that you’re alive: Never strike another Wormax.io worm’s tail. You’ll instantly die and all your food items will be accessible to other worms.

There are many other games similar to Wormax.io on the.io section. Wormax.io remains extremely popular because of its easy controls, stunning graphics, and simple navigation. You can control the worm by moving your mouse. To accelerate it you can press Q or LMB. For a short time you can press W. Depending on the situation you can also become invisible for 5 seconds by pressing. Are you trying escape from danger? You could accelerate or transform into ghostly to escape your opponent. You may want to catch your opponent. You could then stop just in time to take your opponent off guard and make them smash into you.

Whatever great an online game is, there’s always the need for improvement. Wormax.io2 is a sequel to Wormax.io. It is awe-inspiring on numerous levels. Wormax are among the most enjoyable games in their genre, and you don’t have to choose between them.

Are you up to the ultimate multiplayer battle? Are you able of overcoming your opponents, cause them to fall, and then use all the energy you have to beat them all? To test your skills to the test, play Wormax Io or its sequel.

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